Lower Protein Plant Based Foods For Lasting Weight Loss

The A New Me Diet does two things.  First, it enables you to lose weight fast and it is safe.  Second, it provides you with an eating plan during the diet which will enable you to to keep the weight loss after you have finished the program using a few lifestyle changes.

This is the solution to the weight gain problem.  But how can you apply it to your life?  First of all, lose the weight with the diet then forget about counting calories to lose weight, watch portion control instead and use the A New Me Protocol you have learned during the program meaning the whole foods, lower protein plant based foods as a basis.  These are the right types of foods.

This, of course is easier said than done but you can do it.  After you have finished the weight loss portion of the program take steps to get into a whole foods, lower protein based lifestyle diet.

Read this to get full meaning of lower protein plant based foods.

Do that by slowly expanding your diet with more fruits vegetables and other proteins such as beans nuts and whole grains, and if you wish, some dairy, always keeping portion control in mind.  During this time still omit white flour and sugars while maintaining your long term weight loss.  Balance your carbohydrates and proteins.

Watch refined carbohydrates such as  white flour pastries, pastas, cakes, cookies,etc. as they turn to fat. They are not part of a lower protein plant based diet. That’s not to say you can’t reward yourself on occasion.  Eat small meals and snacks, eating most all your calories in one meal will only lead to weight gain.  If you are going to have a bigger meal just watch calories in your other ones don’t skip them altogether.

Above all continually educate yourself regarding every thing that you eat.  Think of what you eat and ask where did it come from?  If it is animal based use sparingly.  Also some form of exercise is extremely beneficial to long term weight loss.

The diet using the Oral Spray will make the initial weight loss possible but to implement the Lose Weight Tampa diet permanently requires a long term solution and shifting to a lower protein  mostly plant based diet is the long term answer.