What’s In Your Food – The China Study

A statistic is out there which states that 90% of the people that go on a diet gain the weight back.  Some blame it on the diet some on themselves and some on their life situations.  And all of these are true but there is one underlying factor which is ongoing that is probably the […]

Lower Protein Plant Based Foods For Lasting Weight Loss

The A New Me Diet does two things.  First, it enables you to lose weight fast and it is safe.  Second, it provides you with an eating plan during the diet which will enable you to to keep the weight loss after you have finished the program using a few lifestyle changes. This is the […]

Why The Oral Spray Weight Loss Diet Is So Effective

In analyzing the last 500 plus people from the Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa areas that have gone through our program using the all natural Oral Spray, about 75% of them have been on at least two previous diets and have gained the weight back.(Please note this is not a scientific study but only to make […]

Shedding Inches Is A Key Part To Weight Loss Diet Programs

Everybody concentrates on pounds but inches are the unknown bonus of the all natural  Oral Spray Diet because this weight loss program attacks the abnormal fat, the stomach a person can’t get rid of or the thunder thighs.  After people have lost 15 pounds they usually have lost 11 to 13 inches.   We have […]

Exercise And The Oral Spray Diet

Many people on the all natural  Oral Spray Diet  from A New Me ask if  they should exercise during the program?  Does it help with weight loss? An emphatic yes.  We tell people they do not have to excercise to lose with our weight loss program but in just about every case if they do whether it […]

Maintenance Is The Key To Permanent Weight Loss

The success rate for the Oral Spray weight loss program is extremely high.  People do lose weight and inches and as they do they learn to change their lifestyle eating habits.  When they finish the diet they go on a maintenance program in which they slowly incorporate their foods back into their diet and continually watch their […]

Successful Weight Loss Maintenance

Everyone who is overweight is looking for the quickest way to lose weight.  They overlook the more important part of how to keep the fat loss from coming back.  With the A New Me program there are certain things to remember so you don’t gain it back. It starts with eating healthy. Treat it like a marathon […]

Important Obesity Facts

Obesity Facts from A New Me.  A diagnosis of obesity must be taken as seriously as any other potentially fatal condition. Weight loss is the only answer and this is a disease that luckily can be reversed. One of the dangers is the fact that fat is living tissue that needs nutrients and will compete […]

Are Blood Sugar Levels Related to Weight Loss?

  Client after client  has shown us that blood sugar levels are related to weight loss, even if there is no diabetic condition involved. Our bodies are very sensitive to fluctuations in our blood sugar. Too much blood sugar in the body will be converted to body fat by the hormone insulin. Therefore, to lose […]