Maintenance Is The Key To Permanent Weight Loss

The success rate for the Oral Spray weight loss program is extremely high.  People do lose weight and inches and as they do they learn to change their lifestyle eating habits.  When they finish the diet they go on a maintenance program in which they slowly incorporate their foods back into their diet and continually watch their […]

Successful Weight Loss Maintenance

Everyone who is overweight is looking for the quickest way to lose weight.  They overlook the more important part of how to keep the fat loss from coming back.  With the A New Me program there are certain things to remember so you don’t gain it back. It starts with eating healthy. Treat it like a marathon […]

Ways to Maintain Your Weight Loss

These ways are important to us at Tampa weight loss.   First of all, have a positive attitude about maintaining your weight loss, make it a fun, lasting lifestyle. Don’t deprive yourself of the things you love the most. Allow yourself at least one small treat per week.  Don’t follow the same meal plan every day or […]

Weight Loss and a Healthy Lifestyle

Statistics show that two out of three Americans say they are on a diet to improve their health, yet only twenty percent of people achieve successful weight loss and maintenance. Dieting is a skill, like playing a musical instrument, which requires practice and instruction. You are going to hit some wrong notes and feel frustrated, but […]